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Classes & Workshops


Meditation Hour

Introduction: "Sahaj Marg Meditation" With Dr. Devi On Saturday, February 18, 2017, I will begin teaching weekly "Sahaj Marg" ("Natural Path") meditation from 3:00 PM to 4:00 P.M. at the "Lotus Ayurveda Wellness Center in Farmington, Michigan. It is located at 34593 Grand River. Every Week Sat 3pm - 4pm During the first session, I will teach proper breathing, discuss "Prana" ("Life Force"), teach the technique of the system, and then we will engage in actual meditation. 

The weekly fee: $15.00. 

Private sessions are available with Dr. Devi

Private Session Fees: $75

At a private session, I will access what is occurring at a person's DNA cellular record level and the general vibrational frequency of the auric fields along with teaching the meditation technique. Meditation has been scientifically proven to heal on all levels, to reduce stress, to lower blood pressure, to strengthen the immune system, to cleanse toxicity, to insure restorative sleep at night, to heal aches and pains, and to elevate the consciousness to the Divine realms where revelation is received. Of course, it takes time for all of this to occur, and this is the benefit of regular daily meditation. Meditating with a group on a weekly basis is a wonderful way in which to remain motivated and to send collective healing energy into the cosmos. For those of you who have already learned "Sahaj Marg" from me, this is an opportunity to review the technique. It is suggested that you arrive about ten minutes prior to start time so that you can relax and prepare for this healing venture. 

 Peace and Love, Dr. Schavi M. Ali (Devi) 

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Reiki Healing Art - Course Certification

We are proud member of Reiki Membership Association - The International Center for Reiki Training

Reiki - Level 1st Course

Usui Reiki - Level I, This is an introductory course to Usui Reiki.  Principles of healing touch, Universal Life Force Energy, Chi, and Psychic healing are presented. Includes 3 attunements to Level I Usui Reiki.

Class is taught by Reiki Grand Mater, Spiritual Healer / Teacher  Vaidya Rajiv Kumar

Monthly Classes 

3rd Sat every month 9am-1pm

Course Fee: $199

Reiki with Crystal Healing - Level 2 Course

Usui Reiki - Level II is the next level for the attuned and practiced Reiki Level I student.  Principles of distance healing and introduction of Usui Reiki Symbols are discussed. Includes attunements to Usui Reiki Level II - Distance Healing Reiki, You will also Learn Crystals Grid & Pyramid.

Class is taught by Reiki Grand Master Spiritual Healer / Teacher Vaidya Rajiv Kumar.

Course Fee: $350

Reiki Master Course

Usui Reiki Level III - Master Course

This course is for the Usui Reiki Level II student who wishes to attune others to the Energy of Usui Reiki.  Class includes 3 attunements to Usui Reiki Master Level and fundamentals of teaching Usui Reiki to others, You will also learn how to use crystal power, Chakra Balancing and much more. 

Class is taught by Reiki Grand Master, Spiritual Healer / Teacher Vaidya Rajiv Kumar.

Course Fee: $495

Usui Reiki Grand Master / Teacher Course

Reiki Grand Master training is the next step (Higher Level) for Reiki Masters.  This intense 3-day class focuses on a variety of symbols for specific focus and attunes you to a higher level of Universal Energy. 

Grand Master Reiki Classes will taught by Grand Master Spiritual Healer / Teacher Vaidya Rajiv Kumar

Note: It will be a higher level experience of energy sift, Master will decide you are capable or not to receive this higher level attunements.

For further detail please call us: 231.360.1435.  

For information about Reiki and its benefits please see our Services page for a full description.

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