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Clients Views

Testimonials and Informative Links: 
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"I want to let others know, How Dr. Rajiv (C.A.P.) & Naturopath Angela of IHT have made a difference in my Physical & Emotional Health. I have been a client there since January 2010 & with the use of many Ayurvedic Practices such as: pulse reading; acupressure; massage; energy work; supplements; oils; ointments; & magnetic insoles, I find that I have more energy & that my body is fighting infections better! I believe that these alternative therapies helped to absorb my two deep vein thrombosis (blood clots). My fibromyalgia & arthritis are in better control, & some days I am even able to take less pain medicine for these conditions. My carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms & the constant pain that were in my feet have diminished greatly. My over-all thinking & mood have improved, & I am losing weight again as my thyroid & metabolisms have been better balanced! Imaging & stress techniques have been encouraged which have improved my emotional well-being as well. The literature that has been provided have aided in my journey to understanding & utilizing some of these ideas. I am so very excited about this success that I will continue to build upon it in the months to come! Thank you so very much Dr. Rajiv and Angela for giving me the gift of better health. 

 With love & Gratitude, 
      ~ Nickie Monusko


"Dr. Kumar - 

I'm writhing to give you a brief update on your remarkable healing methods.
I met you @ the 'Ranch' in Vanderbilt 6 or 7 weeks ago. I mentioned that a bone spur was developing in my left heal,
causing moderate pain, discomfort and concern about its continued growth. You recommended a foot magnet pad, calcium ,and gave me a vial of a specific Ayurvedic Medicine. I've been consistent in its daily use since then and can say that whatever symptoms I had been experiencing are now gone.
There is no pain, discomfort, or lingering worry about a possible surgery.
It appears that whatever happened in the healing process actually reversed the unwanted bone growth and is no longer there. I only wish I had before and after X-rays to show it."

~David Clixby


"In May of 2004 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered many crushing injuries. After numerous surgeries and volumes of pain medications my injuries resolved except for pain in my right foot that intermittently caused me excruciating pain. I couldn’t wear my favorite shoes or stand for extended periods of time. I met Dr. Kumar and expressed concern because I was to the point of considering surgery to remove what I was told was a neuroma in that foot. He held my right hand and placed a grain of wheat on my ring finger then taped it in place (acupressure therapy). For two days I had my finger taped. Amazingly absolutely no pain in my right foot! It’s been six months now and still no pain.

Thank You Dr. Kumar.

~Teri Powers, R.N.


"....our son has cerebral palsy. Before he started on your therapy he had hip surgery which did not heal properly. He was unable to walk due to this. He was complaining of pain in his hip as well as his ankle and knee. After starting treatments with you, he gets up and walks with his walker on his own. He no longer complains of pain in his leg or hip. Apart from being his healer, you have given our son a friend."Thank you Dr. Rajiv."

~Jasvir K.


"Dr. Rajiv, I am very thankful to you for help helping me treat my back pain. My back was hurting so much, I could not move, walk, and hardly lay down. Your Acupressure Therapy of the point on the hand relieved my pian and the Healing made me feel relaxed and gave me energy. Also, Nutrition-Supplement you suggested to clean the colon, helped me a lot to clean my colon & lose weight and made me feel refreshing. The therapies helped recover in four days and I feel so much better, If I was to got the hospital it would taken at least two weeks yet I still would not have been feeling as good as I am feeling now. Now I can move, sit up, and wake properly." Thank You"

~Manjit Singh


"Dear Dr. Kumar, With this letter I want to thank you for your treatment that I got from you when i was in India. I hope this letter finds you in best of your mood and health. I can remember the time when I was suffering from severe allergic cold-sinus since many years. I tried all possible treatments but all in vain, Nothing helped me and I had lost almost all the hopes. I thought that now i have to suffer from this illness all through my life. But fortunately I come in touch with you Dr. Rajiv. After discussing with you I got my hope again and started thinking that now again I can live healthy like other people. The healing treatment you gave me it took around six months and after this time I felt in my health a magical change. The Herbal Medicine, Acupressure and the Reiki power of you gave me, made me again healthy and happy.

Now I have been shifted to Germany but still did not forget about you. It was my fortune that I came in contact with you and got a hope to live again healthy way. I would like to suggest everybody if someone suffering from any kind of problem, The people who find Dr. Rajiv around themselves are lucky. Its difficult to find someone like him everywhere, And people should make benefits from Dr. Rajiv to live happier life.

Once again I would like to thank you for your healing method Dr. Rajiv. May God bless you and you live long."

~V.K. Vinayak


"I have therapy each week for pain in my back and neck by Angela and her knowledge of pressure points helps to relieve stress and arthritis pain."

~Kenneth C. Allen


"..with arthritis in my ankle and feet, Angela's therapies have helped greatly  to relieve the pain and swelling...with her therapies she has relieved pain in my neck & shoulders caused from arthritis."

~Ann L. Allen


"I experienced a hypnotherapy session with Angela in March 2010, Angela was able to release this trauma from my subconscious resulting in the reduction of some troubling tension...I believe hypnotherapy can benefit many people and more individuals should avail themselves to the healing effects of the process..."

~Jennifer Cupples


"I will never forget that great day when I met you Dr. Rajiv, at a health camp in May 2009 at Singh Sabha Gurdawara, NJ. I am very thankful to you helping me to heal my Migraine problem. I was not able to work on computer and also difficulty to read books because of my Migraine pain. The Ayurvedic medicine you suggested to me, I took those herbal medicines for three months, since then I don't have Migraine pain. Thank you Dr. Rajiv again for helping me."

~K. Kaur


"Grand Master Rajiv  - It has been a blessing for me that you have come in my life. I want to thank you for teaching me how to heal myself and others with the power of Reiki...Thank you very much for your guidance and teachings."

With my Best Regards

Mohinder Kaur "Dolli"
Reiki Healer, NY


“I had a root canal that wasn’t done completely. As a result, the remaining root became infected and created a excruciatingly painful abscess. The Endodontist told me that I was going to have to extract the tooth and put in an implant. The cost of this process was going to be around $3000.00. I asked Dr. Kumar if there was anything I could do with Ayurveda that wouldn’t be so invasive. He gave me a powder infused with herbs from India. The abscess and the pain went away. Ayurveda saved me $3000.00 and for that I am extremely grateful."

Thank you

Peggy Smith



"Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Thank you for meeting with me Monday, November 29, 2010. This is the first time in three years my eyes have not been red and I am free of headaches. I look forward to a healthy lifestyle change and continued health improvements with recommendations from you."

Thank you very much.

~Joy Simpson



Angela, Homeopathy was very simple to use, very effective in reducing my symptoms and improving over all health and mood. All previous health problems are gone. even my Synthroid dose has finally been regulated- finally after 7 years :) I am very thankful to you for all your help, I haven't felt this good for many, many years.

-Jayne R. 12.19.2011


To whom it may concern: My name is Kelly Pittel I am 42 year old women . My whole life I've always had problems with all kinds of inflamation, including swollen legs, painful extremeties, Rosacea and severe PMS. All these symptoms increased after my previous pregnancy. I also inherited a blood clotting disorder from my father called Factor V Leiden, aka (Thrombophelia). My pregnancy failed at 35 weeks. This occurred about 2-3 years a go, although it was never proven, my doctor's feel it was related to the Factor V Leiden that I carry in my blood. They said it was a 40% chance that's what caused it. Since then I've been trying desperately to get pregnant again. I went to a fertility doctor and they told me that one of my tubes was blocked and due to my maternal age, it would be very hard for me to get pregnant again. They recommended IVF, unfortunately my husband and I don't have that kind of money to invest in something like that. So, we continued trying to conceive the natural way for almost 3 years with no results. So, I thought, what could I do naturally to better my health? The next alternative was homeopathic treatment. My high school friend, Angela Welch-Kumar approached me with an alternative treatment, (Homeopathic medicine). So she suggested trying Arsenicum Album for inflammation. The first week I took it three days in a row, 3-4 pellets, a day, dilluted in water, then after that it was once a week. I started noticing some improvement the third week. After about a full month I started feeling really good. About a month after taking the remedy, I discovered I was pregnant again. My husband and I were shocked! I immediately called Angela to share the good news with here. I feel in my heart that the remedy contributed to me getting pregnant again. I would highly recommend my friend Angela Welch-Kumar to anyone who's seeking an alternative and natural way to treat illness and or ailments. I feel it was the best choice I ever made for myself, no regrets whatsoever. Now I have a second chance at becoming a Mother again and I owe it all to my long time friend Angela Welch-Kumar. Thank you so much :-)

Sincerely, Kelly Ann Pittel

AW-K: Thank you, Kelly - for the heartfelt letter and for bringing a beautiful, healthy baby girl into the world for everyone to enjoy.