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News & Events


Sahaj Marg Meditation for Inner Peace 

If you wish to bring more inner peace, well being, and happiness in your life, learn to do meditation. Sahaj Marg Meditation Introduction: "Sahaj Marg Meditation" With Dr. Devi - Starting on Saturday, February 18, 2017, I will begin teaching weekly "Sahaj Marg" ("Natural Path") meditation from 3:00 PM to 4:00 P.M. at the "Lotus Ayurveda Wellness Center in Farmington, Michigan. It is located at 34593 Grand River. Every Week Sat 3pm - 4pm During the first session, I will teach proper breathing, discuss "Prana" ("Life Force"), teach the technique of the system, and then we will engage in actual meditation. 
The weekly fee: $15.00. Private sessions are available with Dr. Devi


Free Reiki Clinic 

Reiki brings about a soothing calm in the most anxious personality which in itself is healing. Medical doctors agree that many of today's disorders have an emotional component. Current research on the brain and body chemistry proves stress has a detrimental affect on the entire body and that relaxation techniques are beneficial to health. Healing touch therapies like Reiki are proven to reduce the surface-tension of water which may explain increased cellular respiration & metabolism in individuals who receive therapy. Reiki and other touch therapies are now being taught to medical professionals and used increasingly in hospital settings. 

Last Sat of the every Month 
6pm - 8pm

For advance booking plz call us 734.708.4707 or email: IndianReiki@gmail.com  

"20 min each person Free Session, Love donation accepted In honor of Masters"

If you are interested in Learning Reiki, Reiki Classes Every Month 3rd Sat. Ask at front desk for detial.


Our 1st book coming soon......

SHIVA PRAKRITI: THE MATERIAL NATURE OF THE AUSPICIOUS ONE For those who know something of the ancient Vedic tradition of spirituality, there is a belief that the aspect of the DIVINE ABSOLUTE known as "Shiva" is merely the third of a trinity, and that "Shiva" represents transformation and destruction. The first two of the trinity they know as "Brahma", which translates as "to expand", and the second they know as "Vishnu" (and also as "Narayana") which means "to sustain". Although this trinity is certainly a truism, each aspect has far more to teach us than most people think. "Shiva", for example, which is the focus of the upcoming book entitled SHIVA PRAKRITI: THE MATERIAL NATURE OF THE AUSPICIOUS ONE reveals the deeper truths of the third aspect of the Divine trinity. "Shiva" comprises the very elements of life: Akash (ether), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Jola (water), and Prithi (earth or matter). Without any of these elements, life could not exist. Each object in creation and each human being contains varying degrees of these five elements. It is imperative that the profound and deeper nature of "Shiva" be understood as well as the healing path of "Ayurveda" which means "Science of Life" because balance of the five elements is central to excellence in the health of the spirit, mind, emotions, and body. The book is written by Dr. Schavi M. Ali, Acharya ("One Who Lives by Example"), Meditation Master, and Reiki Master/Teacher and Dr. Rajiv Kumar who is a third generation Ayurvedic Physician (known as a "Vaidya"), Reiki Master/Teacher, and Spiritual Scientist. The book is for both the novice to Vedic history and spirituality as well as the scholar who continually searches for truth. It is a book that will elevate the reader to a higher vibrational frequency. A summer or autumn 2017 release is expected of this astounding text. With cosmic shifts so prevalent at this time, and as these cosmic events affect the magnetic sphere of the Earth--all of which has been foretold in ancient scriptures--this book is sure to serve as a foundational ambrosia of succulent knowledge. *** Lotus

Health and Wellness Camps

Rajiv Kumar Vaidya helped organize and participated in Ayurvedic and Acupressure Health & Wellness Camps since 2008-2013 at many Gurdwara Sahib (Sikh Temples), Some of them is very well known by community - Mata Sahib Kaur Gurudwara, NY. Singh Sabha Gurdwara, NJ. Dasmesh Darbar, NJ. Hidden Falls Gurdwara, MI and Hi Desert Gurdwara, Hesperia, CA.

If your organization is interested in providing a Health Camp or Seminar, Please contact us at service@indiahealthtoday.com or by phone at 231.360.1435.

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